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I fell, rushing to the kill.

& you,
Whatever happened to that body of yours?
Explosion, retraction, reduction, hidden.
Seems like these days you can stand to look in the mirror
& these days you don't mind yourself as much.
& whatever happened to that mind of yours?
Daydreams of bookstores & suburbia & gray hair, finally.
Emotion, emotion, emotion! Oh, how you were missed.
& oh, you're so off-kilter with your balance.
& whatever happened to that personality of yours?
All tulips & lilies & dandelions all over again
Giddy & pheremone-ridden.

& the last boy to touch your soles & soul
Writes sonnets about your body & spends all of his time thinking about you.

Hello there, almostdead community.
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I love you soooo much, honey.