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Garlic for Your Mints


Yay! I'm finished with the painting. I can have a life again. A very tiny, insignificant life, but a life all the same. I'll post the pictures in order from the original picture to the pre-painting sketch to an 'in-progress' pic to the final product.

I'm welcoming all forms of critique... as long as they don't make me weep in depressing fits of sadness.

Please keep in mind that this is the first painting I've ever done with acrylics.

This was x-posted in jv_fans a few days ago.

Image hosted by
I need to know who took this picture.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Argh! The horrible glareness that is a result of my crappy camera!

Image hosted by
I took this picture with the flash off, and the painting in a ray of sunlight coming from my skylight. It still doesn't look that great... and it's huge. I apologise. One of my good friends took an amazing non-glare picture of it, which I will re-post as soon as she gets online.

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